View Full Version : Celestrata: 7/19/15 -- Unplanned Downtime: Aranzeb [UPDATED: 11:49 AM PDT, Monday, July 20]

07-20-2015, 12:10 PM
I see. Thanks for your prompt response. Sounds quite like the fellow a few months ago who reported a very similar situation. Do you have any information on how that situation was (or was not?) dealt with? A follow up question, if I may...Is there a particular reason you weren't able to test out the theory that this poor fellow's account was suspect on a mirrored or test server instead of our live server? I'm not an IT professional in any way, so apologies for my lack of eloquence, but it strikes me that it would and/or should have been possible to test out these assumptions without affecting your other users. Thanks again, Celestrata. Jax In order to be dead sure, it has to be done within the live environment. That way it can provide an exact confirmation that this is the thing that's causing the server to go down. If it would be done in a different environment, it could possibly work differently and not provide the confirmation we were looking for. Additionally, we installed extra logging to Aranzeb to catch more information upon a server crash. We also wanted to make sure the information was caught by this additional logging/monitoring in order to paint a better picture for XL to see what's going wrong. As to the prior situation from a few months ago, I apologize, but I do not know. They may not be related. In my experience with prior online games I've seen this come up a few times in other games, and each time it's manifested in a different manner.

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