View Full Version : ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.6: Patch Notes

Celestrata Bloodsong
07-22-2015, 10:12 AM
The Patch Notes for the Devouring Depths 1.7c Update are here! Learn more about Submarines, our new Glider Upgrade system, and more in the recordings below!

* Submarines finally come to ArcheAge!
* Submarines act as a hybrid of mounts and customizable ships for water travel. Two players can ride a submarine, and both riders can be wearing trade packs.
* All 3 submarine designs can be purchased on Mirage Isle for 250 Gilda Stars.
* A limited time event submarine, the Copper Steamfish Submarine, will be available through the SOS Lifeguard event coming July 21 through August 4th. This submarine cannot equip customizations.
* For a full writeup detailing Submarines, see the article here (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/2015/07/16/dread-prophecies-spotlight-submarines/).

* Glider stats can now be enhanced through the Glider Upgrade System at a Carpentry Workbench!
* The first level of enhancement upgrades all flight stats to High.
* A second level of enhancement can be attempted to increase a single stat to Very High.
* NA/EU have added the ability to craft the wingmaker scroll to revert a sub-optimal second tier glider enhancement.
* For a full description of the Glider Upgrade System, see the article here (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/2015/07/17/introducing-great-new-glider-upgrades/).

* Added a new daily Merit Quest that allows you to spend 1000 Labor to receive 1 Merit Badge and 1 empty bottle. The empty bottle can be used to convert 1 12-hour cooldown Worker's Compensation (1000 Labor) potion into 1 bound no-cooldown Worker's Compensation (1000 Labor) potion.

* Permanently added the Divine Blessings benefit to Patrons: Patrons can now obtain three additional Loyalty Tokens per day. To claim these tokens, adventurers will have to click a new UI button in the corner of their screen. You may click this button once per hour to claim one token.
* Leviathan and other raid monsters can now remove certain blocking items in close range - such as trade packs dropped to block pathing.
* Arcane Relic Trade Pack now has an appropriate Labor cost when sold.
* Corrected the speed on Green Elks to 9.0m/s to match other starting mounts.
* Fixed Honor Point Boost potions not applying the bonus in Arenas.
* Fixed the Crimson Lightning Essence Fragments not combining properly into a Crimson Lightning Essence.
* Auramancy: The Unassailable skill was not triggering as often as intended and has been increased.
* Fixed Fish Finder not showing fish schools on some sea maps.
* Added the Mining Drill item to Vocation Badge vendors. This item can be placed to generate stone, ore, and gems for mining.
* Merit Quests: Party Challenge: Fixed the Grimghast Rift Rank 1 quest not completing properly.
* Serpentis: Carmila's Dark Deadly Poison effect should now be more visible.
* Anthalon: Corrected the name display of the Necromantic Flame skill.
* All car speeds are set to 30 m/s.
* Rowboat tooltip now states that "Using Shatagon's Sand has a 5-minute cooldown."

* Jola's Eternal Grudge may no longer be used in Arenas.

* Our German localization has undergone significant revisions.
* Pet Potholders have been renamed to Pawtholders.

* Corrected a darkened neck texture on Firran female models when wearing certain costumes.
* Also corrected an error on the Firran female skin tone selection in character creation.
* Fixed a Marketplace Preview display issue in DX11 where the background did not render properly.