View Full Version : Celestrata: Dear Trion/XLGames

07-23-2015, 05:50 PM
And if I hear "we are in talks with XLgames" one more time I'm done, worry less about your marketplace and more about the games content and your players!We absolutely do worry about the game content, and our players. While I am really sorry to hear about what happened with the fishing contest, our team here is very focused on continuing to provide suggestions and information to XL to help them continue to improve the game for our region. As mentioned before, XL is responsible for code changes and game updates -- they are the developer, and it is their game. But we do continually offer feedback and work with them to guide the game's development.Aneu, I am working on a longer response for your post, and hope to have it up for everyone's reading tomorrow. It has some good news in it, addresses some of the concerns outlined in your post, and a small preview of some changes coming in our August update.

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