View Full Version : Celestrata: Glider Upgrade System Feedback Thread

07-24-2015, 10:10 AM
In regards to the chances of coming out with a wingclipped glider, this was an area that we did discuss heavily with XL before the system was implemented here. We understand that attempting to upgrade a glider and coming out with a wingclipped glider is frustrating, and it's what lead us to ask XL to change the system to differ from the other regions. For example, unlike the other regions, we moved the item that lets you retry the upgrade out into the crafting system instead of only putting it into the store. We also worked with XL to significantly reduce the chance to fail for NA/EU versus the other regions, which are much more punishing.That said, please, continue to give us your feedback on the system. Everything that's being stated here can be discussed with XL, and your feedback is very helpful!

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