View Full Version : WTS SEVEN (16x16) Scarecrow Farms & TWO (24x24) Gazebo Farms in NORTH CINDERSTONE.

07-29-2015, 08:35 AM
Hey Guys,

If you're familiar with the zone and want to scope out the plots... they are under the names (Turrell, Trupwna, and Funkmastaflexxnutz). You can find them all behind Kitten's mansion in North Cinder.

These plots are all touching, and there is the potential space to drop a mansion if one so desired. That was my original plan all long but since last month after I've gone pirate I lost interest and rarely go there anymore.

My asking price for all the plots is 9K. However, I'd be willing to negotiate with the right buyer.
(I know- It sounds steep but let me fill you in on a secret)

If you owned this land there is a huge potential to make large profits. I used to run 512 larders a week out of cinderstone --> staged up in dewstone (where I also have plots for sale) and then to --> gweonid (which from dewstone is only 1 eco fuel away (an 8 minute drive)).

Each 16x16 can hold 8 larders. Each 24x24 can hold 17 larders. Larders take 3 days to mature.
8 x 7(16x's) =56
2 x 17(24x's) = 34
That's a total of 90 larders that turn in at 20g per pack.

90x20 =1800g.

And the best part is that can be done every three days! thats 3600 in revenues a week! It wouldn't take long to pay off this land so think of it as an investment!

PLEASE: If anyone is interested in this land, as a lump purchase, or individual plots; please message me either on this thread and leave your in game name, or please send a mail in game to Trupwna. Don't miss out on an investment that can bankroll you're Archeage experience!

Thank you for the consideration,
Hoping to talk to you soon!

Trupwna (True - Pwn - A) :PPP
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