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07-29-2015, 01:30 PM
I know that lately the forum has been swept by threads about the skill changes in 1.8/2.0 but in none of the threads we had a comment made by Celestrata on this particular issue.I don't want this to be just another thread about the stalker's mark losing it's + 21% but i think the time has come to ask someone at Trion if the "change" or "nerf" will be applied, having in consideration that our version is different from the KR one in many aspects.1.8/2.0 is near and i (i guess a lot of other people too) will have my game completely changed by this nerf. As an archer (yes, you had guessed it already... Right?) most of my gear will be deemed useless because it's so archer oriented (epherium gale/some auroria pieces, gale necklace,rings,earrings.. Etc) and it's useless for other builds. Most will say: yeah, play as an other class; change build; if you don't like it play another game; sell your stuff and move on; etc.To make things clear: i wont change class because i love being an archer. I play as one because it's fun, and that's the main objective of every mmo, for us to have fun! The other classes don't fascinate me much... So, for me it makes no sense playing with a class that it's not fun...Last but not least: it's not a QQ thread. I'm just looking for answers (and for those that intent to troll or just be salty or whatever, don't! Don't be that person).To all fellow AA adventurers, i wish you a nice evening! We talked about this a little bit on the livestream, but I'm happy to go over it here. Basically, when it comes to class balance, we here at Trion tend to stay out of those discussions.XL has a full team dedicated to ArcheAge's class balance and maintain the stat balance for the game across all regions that ArcheAge operates in. When class balance changes, we here at Trion simply bring the changes that they make in. We don't regionalize or change balance, so we have no impact on that process. It's all XL.If there is community sentiment regarding class balance we can certainly pass it along for XL to consider and test on their side with their team. But, in the end, it's their call for what goes and what doesn't. That's mostly why we don't make posts in those specific threads.

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