View Full Version : Celestrata: Dead-Donkey Bug Killing Naval PvP

07-30-2015, 08:30 AM
I understand that there is only so much that Trion can do but this is bad and the time it takes for a fix to come out is ridiculous. Trion either needs to have the power to fix the minor bugs and glitches in the game or XL needs to do it by sending over hotfixes that fix the issues. As it is it looks like Trion has no power and makes me wonder why isn't XL the ones running this? Trion is basically the middle man in an equation that doesn't need a middle man. We here at Trion are a publisher of ArcheAge, not the developer. Basically, we operate the servers, we translate the game from the Korean, we advise XL on changes that should be made to better please the North American & European playerbase, we do our own Quality Assurance, and we work to promote the game. While we do develop and create our own games too (like Rift, Trove, and Defiance), ArcheAge is not one of the games that we do development on in-house. Devilian is another example of a game that we'll be publishing, but not actively developing. The reason we constantly say, "XL does this" or "We'll talk to XL about that" is because XL maintains all of the active development on all versions of ArcheAge, be it Korean, Russian, or NA/EU. When there's a bug or glitch in the game, XL are the ones who fix that bug after we investigate it and pass it along to them. Once they fix it the provide us a build of the game which we then implement as an update. This is much more about being open and honest with how our work flows are carried out and what's happening behind the scenes than anything else. We want to be transparent with our process with you guys, and that means explaining who's doing what. :)So the second we heard about this bug (I got a PM about it, mind you) we passed it along to our QA team to check out. They confirmed the bug and we passed that information to XL. XL will be providing a fix for this in an upcoming update, as we let them know this is currently being used by players in our region.I hope that better outlines the process, and explains why we word things the way we do.

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