View Full Version : Game freezes, still running, can't exit.

07-30-2014, 09:36 PM
So this has happened to me several times now. I'll be playing just fine, then suddenly without warning, the game just up and freezes on me, music continues to play away in background. On two other occasions it comes back, but the last one it just stayed. And by freezing, I don't mean 5 seconds. These last upwards of a minute or more when it happens.

So of course I try to exit, ALT+TAB doesn't work. I click START, it works, but the game in the background does not change, except now it becomes black, and nothing will execute into the foreground. It's as if the game is locked in fullscreen and everything is being opened behind it even though I can see everything on the taskbar. So a CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up task manager will also not work, as it bumps it to the taskbar but I am unable to access it.

The thing I could think of doing besides a hard reset was to try and switch to another user, so I was able to do this via the Windows 8 START menu (finally good for something I guess.)

So once the second account is loaded I am able to bring up the task manager which shows me that archeage is running, Glyph is running and the Glyph Crash Handler. So I wondered could the crash handler be causing issues? Because in many full screen games when a crash handler pops, often its behind the full screen window and because you cannot access it, you can also not kill the window. Sure enough, kill the crash handler, and voila. So now I have decided that I must rename the crash handler to something else to see if the crashes stop, or if the crashes continue, maybe it won't like my PC up.

Also because the crash handler basically locks everything and never completes, it won't even generate a log, so I have no way to actually get a crash log from it making it entirely useless anyway.

So my question is this a known problem, is there a solution that doesn't involve doing all this? Because I do not like having random lockups and crashes especially when the game runs perfectly otherwise. I've now lowered my settings to dirt low, and am seeing if this happens again, although since I renamed the crash handler I'm guessing its probably just going to close on me if it crashes anyway.