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08-14-2015, 11:10 AM
Is there a chance that all times of the ingame Events are set for a special region? That NA got the events to their prime time, and EU also. At this moment, we in Germany had the Abyssal Event at 11pm started. If it went bad, the event goes up to 01.00 am next day. Thats bad for people who hat go to work at 0600 am. If we could set the event at 0700pm gmt for Europe, in Germany its 0900pm, and more ppl could participate this event. Now we had it at 0900 pm gmt. In NA its gmt -7 PDT ( 0200 pm ). They got nearly a good time for it. Event times are currently hard coded into the client, and the client must remain the same across both NA and EU. This is why there is only one set of event times for our regions, even though our service area spans multiple time zones. We have passed along the feedback regarding event times to XL for their consideration. We will also pass this question along to XL.

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