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08-14-2015, 03:40 PM
Below are the various questions that were tackled on today's livestream. For those of you who have additional questions, please visit the Ask XL and Trion thread! The full livestream can be re-watched at any time right here (http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds/v/10940849)! Q. Why were Naima and Aier added into the evolution plan at such a late point? We kept an eye on our data throughout the last few months and Naima and Aier were on the edge of being included in the evolution. With our most recent data, it is in the best interest of the game to include both of these servers in the evolution process. This is why we marked our plans as tentative, and wished to constantly remind everyone involved that the chosen servers were subject to change as we continued to gather data. While we understand this is a significant blow to the communities on these servers, we are including them in the process to further prevent us from having to conduct another evolution at some point in the future. Q. How should we pack up our stuff to prepare for the server merge? What will happen to our storage chests? When packing up your items, we suggest loading up your alts and making sure to get rid of anything you may not want to keep, like common crafting items or other types of common drops. Important items should be kept in your warehouse, inventory, or on your character. Items that state that they will not be returned to you in a state of demolition MUST be placed into your inventory or warehouse. Right now, houses and land pieces should be left in the world. They will be re-sent to you via the in-game mail system as a full kit, which means they can immediately be replaced in the world without requiring materials. They will require tax certifications, however. Regarding storage chests, these chests will be packed up during the merge and re-sent to you via in-game mail. We are looking into making sure that these emails will last for a longer period than usual in your inbox, so your storage chests aren't deleted if you aren't able to check them immediately after the merge. Q. How long will items sent to us last in the mail? Basic crafting materials and other common items may last for as long as 30 days in the mail. We are looking to extend the amount of time other items are kept in your in-game mail, such as designs, storage chests, and other major items. Q. Will pre-paid taxes count when placing land or will they be lost? They will be lost. However, we are a month away from the Evolution, so our suggestion is that players stop further pre-paying their taxes. For all players who will be involved in the actual Evolution, we will be providing a compensation pack that will contain a decent amount of tax certifications. Q. Are beehives going to be saved when we merge? While beehives are not naturally saved during the demolition process, we will be re-granting beehives to players after the evolution. We do not yet have full details on how this will work, but it will most likely involve uprooting your beehive at a certain time to mark your character as owning a beehive in our logs. Q. Will old players be able to use all of their no cooldown labor potions on older servers to get a load of labor on one of the Fresh Start servers? As labor is managed at the account level, we do not know if there is a way we can throttle this. However, we will raise the concern with XL. Q. When we log in after a server merge, where do we spawn? What will happen to our teleport book locations? After the servers are merged, you will spawn where you were last standing on the server. Your teleport book will have all of your custom teleport locations removed, but you will retain your pre-deteremined NPC locations. Q. Will workstations be packed up in the same way houses and farms are? Yes. Q. Is there a way to assure only prepacked houses and farms are placed in the opening land rush of a merged server? With the current rules of land in ArcheAge, only 2 unbuilt designs can be placed down at a given time. Full kit designs (ones that don't require any materials to build and come fully built) are immediately considered built upon placement, so they won't impact your 2 unbuilt design limit. Q. If we choose to transfer servers, do we still get an evolution compensation package? No, these packages are only for those who participate in a physical server merge. Q. What types of compensation packages are being offered? We are currently offering compensation packages for 4 groups of people:

Anyone involved in a server merge.
Anyone who will have housing removed due to the Diamond Shores changes.
Guild Leaders who are in possession of Castles.
The members of guilds who owned castles.

These compensation packages are still being discussed with XL. When we have full details on what they will include, we will share them. Each compensation package will contain items targeted towards the needs of each specific situation. Q. Will any patch associated with the evolution be available to be downloaded in advance of the servers re-opening? Yep! As ArcheAge will be unavailable for 2 days due to all of the maintenance work we will have to perform, any associated patch will be made available to all players at some point in that 2 day window. We added a significant buffer to the end of our maintenance to make sure we have everything in place, so the patch will be made available before the servers re-open. Q. Will you offer us the ability to transfer from a high population server to another high population server? This ability will not be included in the evolution transfers. We are looking into providing more open transfers in the future, after Update 2.0. Q. Is there a risk of the login server becoming unavailable during the release of Morpheus and Rangora? There is always a risk of this situation happening, and we will most likely see queues again when these servers launch. There is a large amount of hype around the servers and they will attract a large amount of people logging in simultaneously, just like the land rush on evolution servers.

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