View Full Version : Celestrata: Ask your questions to XL and Trion!

08-17-2015, 11:00 AM
Good morning everyone!I'm going through all 47 pages of questions right now. They are being gathered for both the team here at Trion and the XLGAMES team to answer. We are currently targeting for this first batch of questions to be answered on Thursday, August 20th. If there are any delays in getting these answers out, I will let you all know in advance.Due to the length and amount of questions asked, not all questions will be tackled in this first round of feedback. However, many questions were asked multiple times by multiple, so we will be sure to answer those before other questions. We will also be tackling Evolution related questions before gameplay related questions, as it is a higher priority for players impacted by the evolution.If your question wasn't answered, please ask it again in our next round of feedback.I am closing this thread for now so I can make sure there is a clear cutoff for what questions are being considered. Thanks all!

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