View Full Version : Celestrata: House compensation for people who choose the transfer option

08-19-2015, 09:00 AM
I think Trion are denaying the kits for people who opt for transfer so that SOME people will still be on the merged servers. If the transfer option is too sweet, almost all will go that route. We aren't denying anyone their free kits if they transfer because we want to destroy everyone's houses or because we want to create a give or take. The reason full kits are not being offered to transferees is because what you are looking at is the basis for how transfers will work in the future. They will work on the same principles.But, the automated tech that allows transfers is not in the game yet and won't be there until Update 2.0. The current transfers that will be offered by us are thanks to some manual processes that have been worked out thanks to the team at XL. You guys really wanted to have the option to transfer, and we really wanted to provide it, so we did what would could to make that work. Unfortunately, housing does not transfer over in the transfer option -- not even in the automated version. It could not be worked out in the manual version either.Server mergers work differently, and there is backend tech available that will identify your houses and provide full kits to players once they arrive on their newly merged servers. That is why we can offer houses, chests, and other items back in the other option.We are sorry to hear that you had to go to such lengths to take the transfer option, Nerrivic.

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