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08-20-2015, 03:30 PM
The answers below are a combination of the latest information from both us here at Trion and the team at XL to the questions you have asked. If you have a new question, or one of your questions hasn’t been covered yet, please visit our latest Ask XL & Trion thread (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?220395)! Q. Can you please share with us what items are in the compensation packages, or what you are thinking of offering? Labor, tax certs, unique titles – it depends on the package; there are different packages and they’re not finalized yet. There will be a package for those on Evolution servers, one for Diamond Shores land holders, and one for castle holders. We are looking at offering something to members of the guild that owns the castle as well. Q. If a house is unbuilt, is it returned as a kit? It is not returned as a kit. Q. Will there be a priority system in place for logins, such as Patrons being placed first in a queue? Yes, a priority system will be in place for Patrons. This existed a few months after launch -- we've just not seen queues since then. Q. If I place a full kit into my inventory, how long will it last? Forever? Can I trade or sell full kits? There’s no time limitation on full kits right now. They cannot be sold or traded. Q. After the merger will we be getting the ability to transfer to the server of our choice? We’re in the process of building a system to automate the transfer process. There will always be restrictions based on population, faction balance and similar factors. We’re unlikely to offer high pop to high pop transfers. Q. Why is there a 100 person cap on guilds? Guild progression is heavily based around the earnings of productive members. The cap exists to ensure there isn’t a huge guild that quickly rises to power with all benefits. It matters most for the dominion system (guild vs. guild pvp.) Q. Will players on Evolution affected servers who have housing in Diamond Shores still get compensation packages for Diamond Shores? This is undecided at the moment but we are leaning toward yes. Q. We are worried that there will be too many items in our mailboxes and this will cause the mail system to become laggy. Can overloaded mail be tested to make sure it performs well? We’re worried about it also. Oddly enough the mail system can handle a huge amount of distribution. This is also why we’re down for 48+ hours. We’ll test the mail system extensively and the findings will be passed on to the public ASAP. Q. Can land in Auroria still be claimed if castles are delayed? With the exception of Diamond Shores and Golden Ruins (no lord) a castle needs to be claimed before land can be placed. Q. Please explain exactly what a full kit is. A full kit is the exact same thing as a normal housing/farm/workbench scroll/deed but it doesn’t require materials to build. It’s fully built when placed. Q. Will North America and Europe come online at the same time? That is our goal. Q. Will new character creation be closed prior to the merge period? Yes, starting on August 25th new character creation will be disabled on evolution-candidate worlds. Q. If you perform a server transfer, do you get the Diamond Shores or castle compensation package? No – this is only for evolution. Transfers don’t receive rewards. Q. Now that Tahyang is labeled as a roleplaying server, will GMs take more actions against immersion breaking behavior? GMs will not take more actions against immersion breaking behavior. Q. As servers will be unavailable for 2 days, will our Patron subscriptions be paused? All Patrons will receive +7 days as a part of the player appreciation ceremony when we arrive on the other side of 2.0 in one piece! Q. Will the cooldown on rejoining a guild make it to our version of the game? Probably, we’ll check based on this question though. Q. Is it possible to temporarily extend everyone’s inventory and warehouse? Sadly, it is not possible to do so. Q. Will we be suspending taxes on servers that are impacted by the Evolution? This is something we’re talking about now – nothing for sure yet. Q. Will the auction house be temporarily shut down prior to the Evolution? Yes, one week prior to evolutions we’ll be disabling the ability to list items on the AH. Q. If we are unable to place down our full kit house, can it be possible for us to deconstruct a full kit into its base parts, like mats and Gilda Stars? Nope, a full kit is a full kit! It cannot be deconstructed. Q. If I leave items in my storage chests, exactly what items are destroyed and what items are kept if I participate in a server merge? Review an item’s description, if it says it will be returned you can guarantee it will be. If it says it won’t be returned then it won’t be. We’ll be testing this in the next week to see the actual results. In preparation, players should liquidate as much as they can as gold transfers, especially when it comes to easily retrievable items. Q. Will I keep all of my mail during a server merge? Some recent mail will be kept, but most will not be. Please use the upcoming time prior to the merge to clean out your mailbox. Q. Why can’t events be set on a per region basis, rather than one time for all servers? The core ArcheAge code cannot support events set on a per-region basis. The original version was only built to support one time zone, as Korea does not have multiple time zones. XL does not have plans to change this at this time. Q. Will we be getting Serpentis healing gear in Update 2.0? This is something we’ll need to verify on PTS once we have our 2.0 build available for everyone. We don’t have our final version of the build yet (8/28/2015 is when we are scheduled to get it here in Trion) so we can’t know for sure until we see a launch candidate build. We have a version that is currently undergoing internal testing. Q. Why can healers heal people who have entered Bloodlust without also being marked as in Bloodlust? This issue was brought up pre-launch and it has not been acted on. Other regions also have this problem, as it is a core piece of ArcheAge. It’s not off the table but this may not be changed any time soon. Q. Why are fixes and changes that were done to the Korean version of ArcheAge not immediately applied to the North American version in order to prevent abuse of known bugs? A lot of these fixes are dependent on the update version they are introduced in. The Korean build operates on 2.0 plus so any fixes to “Korean bugs” may partially rely on 2.0 code base/changes. At Trion, we push what we can live but this is the core reason we are focused on "catching up to the Korean version." That gives us a better in-hand ability to fix this stuff in a timely fashion. Q. What is happening with Skill Queue? Is there an estimated time for when Skill Queue will be fixed? We want to but we’re about 200% tasked right now getting everything lined up for 2.0. Our entire staff is working serious overtime and we need to make sure more critical systems are working right now. We’ve also been through four iterations of skill queue and none of them have worked in some regard. We don’t have the time to troubleshoot/fix/rehash the system right now so it needs to stay shelved until after 2.0. Q. As we do not have certain bonuses that other regions get on their costumes, has there been any thought to adding those bonuses to other armors or items in the game? Currently we have no plans to add those bonuses to other items in the game. Q. Currently, Archery is very underpowered and Battlerage is very overpowered in the eyes of the community. Can we expect to see any balance changes to these groups in 2.0? 1.8 (included with 2.0) has some balance changes. These are the same class balance changes as the Korean version. Q. Which items are currently marked as “server specific?” After discussing with XL, other regions may have these items but we do not. Currently we do not have any items that are server specific in our version. Q. Do custom crest images transfer with my character in a merge? No, all custom crests are wiped as we have no way to transfer them. However, for every “crest stamp” that you have created we’ll be manually compensating a crest brainstorm. Q. We in the community believe submarines are severely underpowered. What is being done to fix them? There are no submarine changes in the works at the moment with XL. However, on live, the 3 patriotic submarines are the second lowest tier of sub (behind event Copper). We’ll see the introduction of a Silver submarine in the future and it’ll have slightly better stats. The team at XL usually attempts to create items that are "side-grades" -- new items that don't necessarily have better statistics. This is why the Delphinad gear that was acquired at the start of the game has remained very strong since. Q. Can level 1 and 2 guilds own castles? The requirements to place a castle change in 2.0 based on the way the Purified Archeum Pack is created. We’ll talk about this more on the live stream this week (08/21/15). Q. If we have a portable phonograph on our property, what happens to it? It’s a trade pack and cannot be stored in our inventory. The same question also goes for larders and packs stored on farms. Your Phonograph would be deleted/not returned, however you can carry 1 tradepack on your back so equip your phonograph before you log out for the evolution. NOTE: SOME TRADEPACKS WILL BE FORCIBLY WIPED FROM PEOPLE’S BACKS TO PREVENT ABUSE, LIKE THE PURIFIED ARCHEUM PACK. Q. Will ship cannon damage be adjusted to match their tooltips? Currently high-angle cannons have superior reach and dps when compared to all other cannons. They should be the lowest dps and the highest reach (for siege damage) if you go by the tool tip. We’ll look into this. Q. Can Kraken spears have their ability to instantly pull ship captains off of the wheel 100% of the time changed? XL has no plans to change this functionality at this time. Q. Will we be getting additional arenas in the future? It is a possibility, and we will see going forward. Q. Are there limits to the number of chests we can take in a merge? In theory no, in practice yes. We recommend you liquidate as much as you can. The more you bring the more likely it is to enter a conflict. We’re testing this coming week and will have better info as to what stays and what goes.

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