View Full Version : WTS Epherium Flame Set (Leather) 4/7 Divine 3/7 Celestial

08-21-2015, 07:15 PM
Hey All,

So I'm considering selling my Epherium Flame Set, it's currently 4/7 Divine and 3/7 Celestial with good gems and all frosted. If the price is right I'll be willing to sell my set so leave offers here, pm me on the forums or mail me in game @Shawthing. I'm east but have a west alt for trading if needed. Would like to sell as a set mainly but if i get good offers on pieces i may consider selling pieces.

http://puu.sh/jJZ2A/5bc832845f.jpg http://puu.sh/jJZ1v/c402ef9a44.jpg http://puu.sh/jJZ12/f197fdee2b.jpg http://puu.sh/jJZ3M/8fbf9277fa.jpghttp://puu.sh/jJYZQ/437d3a90c8.jpg http://puu.sh/jJZ29/bcb9859f05.jpghttp://puu.sh/jJYZr/974e4a2d2c.jpg

Here is the appearance of the set as it is all imaged:
http://puu.sh/jJZlk/3317f5c3b0.jpg http://puu.sh/jJZlG/202b747bab.jpg

Thankyou for your time,

08-22-2015, 02:05 PM
Jerkin, Belt, Guard 18k