View Full Version : Celestrata: Fresh Start Servers - Limit Cash Shop, do it right. & don't be greedy.

08-24-2015, 11:10 AM
Still hoping. Goshee, Some of your thoughts and concerns are those we also share, and it's why we are taking steps to consider all of the items in the Marketplace as we bring out our Fresh Start servers, Rangora and Leviathan. As posted in our main article, we are looking at the items in the Marketplace (particularly the Lunar Scarecrow Farm) and are considering disabling them for the launch period of those servers. However, any item that's disabled in the Marketplace is disabled across all of our servers, not just the Fresh Start servers. That does mean that those items would be eventually re-introduced back into the store after Morpheus and Rangora go through their launch cycle. As to your other ideas, thank you for the feedback. However, dramatic changes to the Marketplace and APEX aren't things that we or XL are looking to do at this time.

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