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08-24-2015, 12:40 PM
Going over stories like Morpheus & Rangora and how as young lovers tried to make it to Auroria to make their new home, but ran into the Kraken during their travel up north / were split up / Morpheus thought Rangora was killed. So Dahuta visited Morpheus on GrowlGate and told him she'd resurrect Rangora (who wasn't dead, but Morpheus didn't know that) if Morpheus would slaughter tons of people.Believe it or not, that story is NOWHERE in the current game text! We had no idea we were gonna get this whole tragic backstory when we asked that question during the interview with XL. I'm really hoping they add it as an NPC monologue or a collectible book at some point so we can do it justice in English.
(are you the database guy? Just out of curious what would happen? Do they have unique id's when generated or is the ID associated to the castle location (so could you bid out a cheap scroll on a transfer server, transfer over and then siege one you did not actually bid on?).Sadly, I am not the database guy. He and his team of ninja-wizards work very hard all day doing things I don’t even fully understand, and I am frankly terrified to interrupt them. As a localization editor, my job is to be an expert on the characters, quests, items, npcs, and lore of whatever game I’m working on. I help ensure that all of these things stay consistent throughout the translation/localization/editing process, and I do my best to make sure it’s something you’d actually want to read by the time we’re done with it.Basically, I make words pretty.

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