View Full Version : Celestrata: 8/27 -- Action on exploiting accounts

08-27-2015, 05:20 PM
Greetings Adventurers. Today we'd like to remind all of you here that cheating or taking advantage of known exploits in ArcheAge is not something we take lightly. We were recently informed by members of the community that a few of you found a new way to take advantage of an in-game exploit that allowed quick gain of honor and experience. Some used this to gain high amounts of honor, while others used it to quickly power level characters. Our team has taken the steps to find those who abused this bug and have issued punishments against those accounts. As some adventurers chose to create false accounts in order to take advantage of this bug, we traced those accounts back to your main play account and issued a punishment against that too. If you feel that any of these punishments were made incorrectly, you are welcome to appeal your case with us by emailing appeals@trionworlds.com. The forums are not the place to contest your ban, and no staff member here will be able to assist you. You must email us if you wish to appeal. This exploit has already been addressed by XLGAMES in our prior Tuesday update. If anyone attempts to cheat or exploit again in the future, please know it comes with some very harsh consequences. Don't do it.

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