View Full Version : Quillodon: Lorebreaker viable (for PvP)?

08-30-2015, 04:20 PM
The problem is, mana stars still doesn't stack the debuff like it should. I'm hoping it gets fixed in the next update, because between mana stars working right and the other changes to occultism, it'll be viable to use again. I really love the abilities in occultism but until they fix it, it's not worth taking I'm a little shocked this rumor is still around since it's so easy to test. Here's what I did:1: Go to windshade in Rookborne Basin.2: Take off all your gear. (Weapons too. You don't wanna obliterate the poor test subject.)3: Walk outside the front door stark naked, and hit a Gale Elemental with a normal attack one time.4: Watch as the Gale Elemental attacks you for very consistent dmg 20 times in a row. (Mine was doing 515ish normal, 800ish crits)5: Run away, and heal up if you have to.6: Walk back outside again, still naked. Begin spamming Mana Stars on Gale Elemental and DO NOT STOP.7: Watch as the Gale Elemental attacks you for noticeably reduced dmg 20 times in a row. (Mine was doing 430ish normal, 660ish crits)I think maybe people are confused because the stackable Fetter debuff only has a 2 sec duration, so it's very different from the old Distressed mechanic. It's basically only up as long as you're continually spamming Mana Stars.Hope that helps!-Quill

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