View Full Version : Quillodon: Lorebreaker viable (for PvP)?

08-31-2015, 01:00 PM
My biggest problem with lorebreaker is it has 0 response to stalkers mark overwhelm. Which is basically what 90% of the archeage community does. As a Poxbane, I often leave the Hunter's Mark on me to bait the Overwhelm, then Banshee's Wail as they enter my AoE. If I pull it off it means either:A) I timed it perfectly, interrupted their Overwhelm and feel like a champ.B) I was a little slow, we both CC'd each other but I'm usually done being tripped by the time they recover from fear.and C) it means I get to save my Redoubt for later. But that part doesn't really help OP lolI know Banshee's Wail is a ludicrously long CC for being an instant-cast AoE, though. You play a ton of arena, Dremolock. Is this kind of gamble even viable with Hell Spear?

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