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09-01-2015, 09:30 AM
The answers below are a combination of the latest information from both us here at Trion and the team at XL to the questions you have asked. If you have a new question, or one of your questions hasn’t been covered yet, please visit our latest Ask XL & Trion thread (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?223370)! Q. Will the non-cooldown labour potions be converted into the 12hr cooldown labour potions in the hope of fairness on the new servers? Nope, still checking to see if there’s anything we can do with this but it’s likely not going to be possible. Q. What is the minimum character level for merging accounts? For transfers, it is level 10. For server merges, there is no minimum. Q. Will the items we have in our bag and warehouse storage be there after the merge or will it be mailed to us later? Everything in your inventory and warehouse will be immediately transferred/merged with your character and available for use when you land. Q. Will all the sheet music I made stay or will I need to remake all my songs? This is a very good question and we'll get an answer for you ASAP. A gold star for you, my friend! Q. What is going to happen if there is a naming conflict? Is this going to prevent one of the characters from logging in? Transfers: there’s a naming collision flow in place during the transfer flow; Merges: see round 2 questions. Q. Will you set up a limit amount of people leaving a merge candidate server and transferring to a populated one? We do not have a limit in place there, but high pop servers have a limit on how many people can transfer to them. Q. What happens to the crest stamps (the one that requires crest brainstorms to make) after the merge? Will they be replaced with new crest brainstorms or refunded? All crests will be wiped and 1 crest brainstorm will be returned for every crest stamp in your possession. Q. When are we getting Stellar Farms? At the moment, we do not have a set date for Stellar Farms. Q. Once full kits are placed down on a piece of land can they be sold then? After a full kit is placed it behaves like a normal house so if the property can be secure traded with an appraisal cert normally a full kit will share the same functionality. Please note that if the house is ever removed, you will need to build it normally if it is replaced. A full kit is a one-time, free placement. Q. Just was watching the livestream on Aug 21, and had a question about the Trade house upgrade. Does each zone have its own Fertilizer pack, and does that therefore make each fertilizer pack unique to that zone, essentially making every zone have 3 different trade packs instead of 2? Or are fertilizer packs global, in which case if Solzreed -> Sanddeep = 90%, then Cinderstone -> Sanddeep would also = 90%. I haven’t worked out value details on everything so let’s test on PTS. Q. Once you remodeled a house, can you change it again to something else? Yes. Also note that interior placement of furniture MAY NOT save through housing customization. This is the opposite of what I said on the live stream. We need to test on PTS to be sure. Q. Are people going to be allowed to roll new character on the merge servers when they go live or will character creation be closed to make sure those being merged are not getting stuck in a queue due to new characters? Our plan is to have character creation enabled. If we see that new character creation is heavily impacting queues we can disable it. Q. Will owning an aquafarm in Diamond Shores make one a candidate for the Land Demo Compensation? Yes. Q. Will we get any founder bonuses like our titles, costumes, and glider on the Fresh Start server? This is undecided and we’re exploring options now. Q. Would you consider locking unbuilt properties out until after the land rush? We are not, but the max 2 unbuilt rule will remain active. Q. If my house has unpaid taxes, but will not be demolished before the merge downtime, will I still be compensated for it? Or, must the taxes all be paid and up to date? Tax state is not considered so yes, it will still be compensated. Side note, prepaid taxes will be lost as mentioned previously. Q. Where do we login after the merge/Evolution? All characters will login at their racial starting area – the same place they’d be if they created a new character. The exception is pirates and they’ll spawn on Growlgate. All custom portal locations will be wiped from merge/Evolution player teleport books but static port locations will remain. Q. What will be included in the compensation packages? As of now, we’re considering a flat amount of tax certificates and labor potions for most of the packages. They’ll also likely included a unique title. Eligibility, distribution method, and final amounts of each item included are still up for discussion. The amount of tax certs or labor pots distributed by a pack will be the same for all characters who are eligible to receive the pack and will not be scaled based on current land ownership. Q. At what point/date will the evolution servers stop recognizing account "changes" such as new items purchased or properties bought/sold for those are merging? Final changes will be noted when the servers are brought down for evolution on 9/10 at 1pm PDT. Grants for compensation packages and other similar items will be delivered based on who holds land at this time. Q. Will starting zones be the same? Yes, but the tutorial will be disabled to promote land rushing. Q. Where exactly do we go in order to request a transfer? http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/2015/08/25/evolution-transfers-have-started/ Q. Will I keep my current Patron status after the merge? Yes, you will. We will also grant Patrons 7 extra days of Patron time.

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