View Full Version : Celestrata: Blue Salt Extended to Sept. 2nd Only?

09-01-2015, 09:00 PM
Wow, I have seen this response elsewhere on this forum about 'We are sorry and we will make sure this does not happen again.' How many times is that supposed to be before it is really meant. And BTW what does hardcoded mean really.. It is so hard that no one in Trion can crack it? For ArcheAge, we are not in-charge of the game's code. All of the development work is handled by XL, as it is not one of the games we develop in-house, like Rift, Trove, Defiance, or Atlas Reactor. Those are games we make ourselves. We are publishing the game here in North America and Europe. We are in charge of the translation, operations, customer service, and community.To be clear, ArcheAge is XL's game and they are the developer. We provide the publishing and operations.

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