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09-02-2015, 09:10 AM
Man, I didn't think this would be a thread I'd be reading this morning. DressUp has been a great resource for me upon my arrival here as it helped me quickly find the appearance of items, and learn what items I really wanted to get to fill my cosmetic needs. We're very sad to see it go, but we also want to thank them for the service they provided to the community at large. With their model viewer tech, we get to have the great look at weapons and armor on ArcheAge Database.As to fansites at large, however, we really do want to reforge our connections with many of the websites that have already been covering ArcheAge or help the community. I've already been in talks with a few streamers and the guys over at Archeage-Online.de (thanks to them visiting us at GamesCom). While it's a super busy time right now with 2.0 and the Server Evolution process, I still want to encourage any fansite owner who wants to get in contact with us to PM me with their website and contact information. We most certainly want to be in touch!

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