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08-01-2014, 09:10 AM
Here's a list of various issues I've encountered in no particular order. :)

Keybindings don't bubble down

A popular push-to-talk key is Ctrl which works great in basically every other game, however in ArcheAge not so much. The problem is that keybindings don't bubble down, which they should. What I mean by this is that if you are currently talking, and thus holding down Ctrl (I assume the case exist for all modifier keys) and try to activate any keybinding it won't register as the game looks for Ctrl + the-key-you-just-pressed. What other games do is bubble down through keybindings, so instead of just going "welp, nothing here - don't do anything" it would then bubble down to the pure version. So say you tried moving foward by pressing w, Ctrl + w, if not bound to anything, would then bubble down to w and execute that keybinding.

This is a rather huge issue that needs to be addressed.

Numeric keyboard keys aren't using their respective keycodes

The keys on the numeric keyboard have their own keycodes, but in AA these are being shared with the normal (horizontal) numbers etc.
This isn't ideal and isn't how it's usually done. The problem is that a lot of us have these fancy mice with a whole lot of thumb buttons and they're often set to use the numeric keyboard keycodes because then we still have the normal 1, 2, 3 etc. keys to use.

Numeric keyboard keys (with Num Lock active) needs to be treated separately from the normal number keys.

Strafe not usable for turning in vehicles

Most of use don't have turn keys bound to our keyboard because we never use them and are thus a waste of keybindings. Problem is that in AA vehicles basically require these, which is silly. So far I have not seen strafe be used for vehicles so having them function for turning shouldn't be a problem. This is just a way of adapting the controls to how players actually play, instead of forcing them to waste two keybindings for something that can be fixed.

Player cast bar can't be moved

It would appear that the cast bar (ditto breath bar) can't be moved? Correct me if I'm wrong, I at least haven't had any luck with it. This needs to be addressed.

Minimap needs zomm functionality

We need to be able to zoom the minimap so we don't have to have it huge but still be able to see what's going on. Much needed feature.

Pets should remember the auto-cast settings

Not much to it, this just needs to happen. Having to re-set them every time they're summoned is just blergh.

Borderless windowed mode, but remember to do it right

I've read that this is something that's already being looked into, so that's cool! However I want to add a note regarding it as I've seen a few games of recent mess it up. Remember to add a focus change handler so you set always-on-top according to AA's window focus. Meaning when AA is in focus always-on-top is true and when it loses focus it's set to false. Some games forget this and have always-on-top on all the time, which renders the option basically useless.

Using skills that can't be used mounted dismounts you

Just a small quality of life thing, but using something, like a skill, that can't be used mounted, should just dismount you. I'm thinking this should be an option (not everyone might like that) and probably include an option to only have it work for your ground mount and not glider or vehicles.

Likewise summoning a glider while (ground) mounted should just auto unsummon mount and summon glider. Summoning your battle pet with your ground mount out should also just unsummon the mount and summon pet in one fell swoop. Just some quality of life improvements.

Time until next labor points

It'd be great if the tooltip would show how long until the next labor points ticks in.

And that's what I have for now. There's more stuff I could suggest, but I'll keep it to this - at least for the time being. ^^