View Full Version : Public transport disapears

08-01-2014, 11:44 AM
So this has happened 3 times already, 2 of which I could observe.

While taking a public transport like a carriage or an airship, my game will freeze/lag and the transport disapears without a trace, not even seen in the distance, leaving me to fall to the ground. In the carriage I was even left in the sitting position from sitting on the bench.

It happened in two different zones, first in Mahadevi, I took a carriage to tigerspine, I only made it to the first bridge and was left sitting on the bridge. Then the airship from Mahadevi to Falcorth plains as it reached the mountains separeting Mahadevi from Tigerspine, the airship disapeared, letting me fall down.
Then again from Falcorth to Mahadevi this time the airship disapeared after crossing into Tigerspine mountains, around above the automaton factory... Once again the airship was nowhere to be seen as I was gliding down, thankfully I didn't have trade packs while doing those trips...