View Full Version : WTS Sand Deep Land (ALL CONNECTED)

09-06-2015, 01:16 PM

My partner and I are trying to sell 15 (16 x 16's) and 2 (24x24's) in Sand Deep in the Songspinner area. All the land is connected and is on top of the hill just 1 minute from the water. I have attached a link to the picture album so you can see an overview of the land along with a map of the location. You can either contact me (Aeternalis) or Dirtnasty in the game via whispers or through in game mail. We are only selling the land as a whole, please do not contact us if you only want to purchase a part of the land. Taking serious offers only.

P.S. Please keep in mind some land will have to demo since they are lunar pavilions/scarecrow farms and they are bound to our accounts. The 44x44 haranyan house will also have to demo unless you want us to add that to the total price.
Link to picture album > http://imgur.com/a/F1LkV#0