View Full Version : Celestrata: @celestrata will current players recieve homecoming coins?

09-08-2015, 09:50 AM
The homecoming coins are used for our upcoming player appreciation event, "A Hero's Welcome." More information on that event will be shared in the upcoming days. The event overall is split into three portions -- one that's for people just coming to the game, one that's for people who have remained players, and one for people who have returned to the game after an absence specifically for the event. (If you came back earlier, you're counted in the "has been playing" category.) The event also has additional rewards for those who are patrons.Each portion of the event contains items that are tailored towards that specific group. For example, returning players get items to help them get back into ArcheAge, while players who have been playing receive items that are better suited for battle, like Grimoires. But, I'll let the article on this event detail how it works. It has more detail, and more specifics.EDIT: Saw there was a question on the Griffin. Both returning and current players get the Griffin opportunity. new players do not.

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