View Full Version : Celestrata: Determine our fate: Choose our faction & classes!

09-08-2015, 01:30 PM
Morpheus friends! An announcement for you all!For those of you who turned into last week's livestream, you may have heard Khrolan mention that we're coming to your server to play on official accounts as players, not as GMs. Well, Khrolan wants to up the ante with this one, and we're offering you guys the ability to determine HOW we play.The poll above will let you choose what faction we're going to play in, and the little sheet below will let you vote to determine what classes we play. The most votes wins, and we'll play with those classes and on that faction on our Morpheus livestreams, which will be starting after 2.0 launches this weekend.(Also, if you give me Daggerspell or Darkrunner, I'll award everyone with cookies. That wasn't in the official deal, but I'm adding it to the deal.)------------------------------My votes are:Khrolan's Class:Amary's Class:Celestrata's Class:

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