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09-08-2015, 02:40 PM
Hey guys! Super sneaky lunchtime update:New Auroria Soncraft Gear! All cloth, all Stam/Int. The bonuses are:Hood: -10% mana cost for ode to recovery (This is currently called a cap for some reason. I will fix that.)Shirt: -1 sec casting time for Rhythmic RenewalBelt: -5 sec cooldown for Alarm CallSleeves: +2 sec duration for Dissonance (omg)Gloves: +8% damage for Critical Discord (OMG)Pants: -2 sec cooldown for Healing HymnShoes: -3 sec cooldown for Startling Strain (YASSSS)Songcraft skill gems!Ancient Songcraft Lunagems decrease Startling Strain cooldown by .3/.5/.7 seconds. These socket into the WRIST SLOT.Eternal Songcraft Lunagems encrease Zeal Duration by .3/.5/.7 seconds. These socket into the WAIST SLOT.Skill gems claim they can't be socketed into any type of auroria skill gear, including the old sets, the new sets, and the glenn/Meina stuff.Hope that helps!-Quill

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