View Full Version : Keybinding bug

08-01-2014, 07:14 PM
Don't know what it is but every time I "enter a new area", my mousebuttons weird out on me. I have some skills on the hotbar linked to buttons on my mouse. For instance, #4 mouse button is a skill on the hotbar where #8 would be in the default settings. However, when I enter a new area hitting #4 on the mouse will move my character to the left (strafe). Other keys on the mouse do different things than what they are bound to in the interface. I suppose it's important to note that all my mouse buttons reference keybindings from the number pad. Num Pad 1, Num Pad 2, Num Pad 0, etc.

Temporary fix that I've found is going to the keybinding interface that lists autorun. Select it, hit Numlock (the default), hit apply, then my mouse buttons fix themselves....until the "next area" on the map. I guess it's important to note, I don't ever use NumLock to auto run, I just hold down W. There's no loading screens when on a map, so I can only assume that the map is broken up into areas with invisible walls. Once I pass through those, keybindings are lost.