View Full Version : Aahz: Glyph Updated

08-01-2014, 07:20 PM
You're right, I don't. However, if Glyph isn't run as administrator it cannot launch ArcheAge. It appears to be related to Hackshield in some way. So unless you don't play ArcheAge, you don't have a choice. Yes, ArcheAge does need to be started with admin rights for Hackshield to work. But Glyph does that, and I don't know why running Glyph itself as admin would help (or hurt) that. Does anyone else have a problem running Archeage when Glyph is not run as admin? For the OP, if you don't start Glyph as admin, when you launch ArcheAge, does it prompt you for whether archeage.exe should be run as admin? /aahz

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