View Full Version : WTS "Berserk Red Dragon Tail-Reaper" (1 handed sword)

09-10-2015, 09:13 AM
WTS "Berserk Red Dragon Tail-Reaper" (1 handed sword)

*Printscreen* (http://imgur.com/L8w4RhD)

Going to take offers for now, will be sold after the 2 days maint.
Either mail me offers in-game or on the forums.

And while we are at it, Thanks to everyone in Iron, Origin, The fallen, and rebellion. You all did amazing considering that we did not have this planned, and the time to prepare was really low.
Not a fan of this PVE, but it was nice to get it down.

And sorry if i forgot somone!

Current offer is 45k.

09-10-2015, 03:24 PM
Please keep posts on topic and productive. Please start a new thread Zona if the item is still available.
Are you a hot girl?
I got gold, mythic sails and also credit card. I'm really good in 1vs1, i did flawless victory vs Syluen.