View Full Version : Celestrata: Evolution Compensation Packages & Hero's Welcome Information

09-10-2015, 04:10 PM
Liking the loyalty. Something very useful that doesn't take up more inventory space. :)I'm assuming there will be an individual news item soon on the Hero's Welcome event that goes into that in more detail? I know you briefly went over it a few streams back, but it wasn't entirely clear to me what you did to get the 7 boxes. Also, of course, screen shots of combat pets, costumes, etc. There will be an article that will go into more detail.The long and short on the boxes is that we'll give you a box as a current player. You open said box and get a bunch of items, including a Day 2 box, which you can open again in 24 hours. Then Day 2 gives you a Day 3 box and so forth... Keep opening them until you reach Day 7.The boxes aren't time limited and don't expire, so as long as they are in your inventory you can take your time on opening them.

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