View Full Version : Trade Pack Bug

08-02-2014, 12:28 PM
•Summary: you cannot use harpoon packs, you also cannot pick up other things that effect the character like a trade pack or harpoon does.

•Steps to Reproduce:
1. create a trade pack for nuian speciality goods in memoria (trade quest 2),
2. Place trade pack on ground in public farm area near memoria,
3. travel to solzeed western beach and get on a friends ship,
4. try to pick up a harpoon pack, It wont let you..

•Frequency: Every time

•Severity: 3

•System Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, gtx 780, 6GB ram, BTinternet router (fibre optic broadband).

•Additional Notes: Rated as a 3 severity because u may want to make more than one trade pack and drop one for a friend and pick the other one up.

08-02-2014, 01:04 PM
Did you equip your glider by chance on the trip to the boat? You have to actually unequip the glider before picking up harpoon. That is the only "back" item that makes you do that

08-02-2014, 05:29 PM
no there was an error message stating that I couldent do the operation because of my trade pack.. Also when I loged back in several hours later the trade pack was gone although the situation was resolved with picking things up. it wouldent let me use my glider.