View Full Version : I cant craft my Armor Lvl 20

08-02-2014, 02:04 PM
1 - I cant get my 8th Hereafter Clothes ( Quest Item ), i did the dg and get 7 and got out .. i tryed to go again and i saw... i cant get anymore.


2 - I know that what i gonna say it isnt a bug, but i want to say.. on Rusian i have a combo atack from "Triple Slash", and i thoght it is a great new idea, different of anothers same mmo what i saw.. you AMDs can bring to here.. to American server too!

3 - The last bug that has been in my game:
I'm trying to do a mission which need a "vitalized water." This item I can in Level 20. I had it, so I used to do this mission,
but now the mission has not completed and I have no more item!
Thanks for help and i will wait .