View Full Version : Quest bugs

08-03-2014, 03:59 AM
1) In White Arden, when asked to go and collect the remains of several dead, there are two or three bodies you can see, are highlighted with the blue dot, yet you can't touch them to complete the quest (quickly).

Sorry I can't be more accurate.. but it a quest after you have done the Water, Fire, Life, Earth circular quest, located in the same area.

2) The Signpost quest along Ezra Rd in Two Crowns, 'Wanted: Expert Hunter' has a couple of spelling errors in the text.

'Top' should be "TO"
'Heard' should be "HERD"

3) Also in Two Crowns, at the farmhouse owned by the Winegrower, you have picked up a letter at an earlier time that you give to his mother. What she says is complete gobbledygook, with the last line before you get the reward being the introduction.. "Yes I am his mother" or words to such effect.

I have also noticed on a few occasions that when clicking on 'F' on the keyboard, the text does not progress. You have to actually click on the arrow to progress through the lines. Again, sorry I have no specifics mainly because it is rare, but just rememberable enough to warrant attention.