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09-14-2015, 05:00 PM
Busy day today, so I don't have time for a fancy one. But our regional politics doc claims that:Lilyut Hills = Crescent Throne (No surprises there, everybody seems to love Duke Ronbann and he's firmly allied with Solzreed.)Dewstone Plains = Crescent Throne (Honestly figured this one would be split or neutral. Royster has RECENTLY instilled some sort of order in the north, but most of the southern region remains pretty lawless. Seems more like it was once theirs, and is in the process of being reclaimed.)White Arden = Two Crowns! (No uh... no real explanation for WHY, though. I guess Baron Ockham was originally from Marianople, then? I somehow doubt that jurisdiction extends too far past Birchkeep, though. I'm betting Two Crowns would rather not claim ownership of the forest of the dead =P)Halcyona = Wyrdwind Family (So not OFFICIALLY Two Crowns, but largely controlled by one of their noble houses. Fun fact: The Wyrdwinds might be a little conflicted about allowing this region to fall under Two Crowns law, which you can learn more about if you do the sidequests at Dorothy's farm.)Hellswamp = Trieste Family? (Haha they might've been granted official ownership, but they sure as heck aren't in control. Aside from one group of Trieste-funded entertainers wandering the area, this place is a lawless hellhole. Ain't nobody in charge of the Hellswamp.)Sanddeep = Noryette Family (Makes sense. Famous trading family, big port region, Noryettes all over the place. They've even got a statue of him in Golden Fable Harbor. Most of 'em are corrupt or crazy, but hey--that's the noble families for ya.)Sorry, gotta run. Hope that helps!-Quill

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