View Full Version : WTS Epic T5 fallen moon (Katana)

logan backshot
09-15-2015, 08:28 AM
please pm me if your interested serious inquiries only. Starting offer is 30k 37k buyout

Materials needed to craft
2x illust katana @ 600
1x mag katana @600
4x eph katana @ 7200 min ( with new prices on whisps) (300x 6whisps x 4eph katanas)

kaylins feather @(700g)
Alexanders chest @(300)

2 x resplendant scolls @ 700 (350 each)
2 x superior red regrade charms @ 1300 g (650g each)

@ 11.4k And then all the luck in the world

Normal epic t1 would go for around 23-25k + 11.4 @ Minimum costs 35k is very reasonable!

I failed many many times trying to get epic and broke many items so save your self the time and effort and have one of the best mage weapons you can get!!!

Its currently on the AH now if you want to see the stats, not tempered yet can go 115% more magic dps!!