View Full Version : Steam effect stutters. *Solis Badlands Hot Springs*

08-03-2014, 12:16 PM
Loving this game, but the steam effect (at least at the Hot Springs in the Solis Badlands) is driving me bananas. Game is running at 70fps in this area, but the actual steam effect seems to run at about 1fps. The steam literally jumps each frame. The steam off the geysers DO NOT have this issue though, it's just the steam coming off the pond.

Running a Core i5 3570 with a 2GB GTX 760 and DX11. Nvidia drivers are the latest 340.52. This also happens with DX9. I am running with the graphics at Very High and I've seen no other really disturbing issues with the game except this one thus far.

Anyone else experience low fps on just effects like steam?