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09-16-2015, 01:00 PM
Hi everyones, Is there a place where I could find a list of what it takes for the scarecrow trade runs on the western continent?I looked around Googling but I can only find the old version. Thanks in advance! Hello!To access the new trade run quests on Nuia, you'll need to talk to the Merchant Recruiter in Windshade (Lilyut Hills) and complete the introductory Blue Salt quests. (These are the ones where you plant your first potato, earn your 8x8 garden, etc.)After you finish those all the way up to "Choosing a Path," you'll be told to go out and see the world (read: hit level 30.) Once you do that, the trade run quests will become available from Trading Guide Edward.The new quests are:Lilyut to Dewstone (requires you to craft/deliver Lilyut Cooking Oil, rewards donkey mount)Dewstone to Solzreed (requires you to craft/deliver Dewstone Fine Thread, rewards jack all)Solzreed to Austera (requires you to craft/deliver Solzreed Braised Meat, rewards 24x24 scarecrow farm)Just remember that you have to craft each pack AFTER accepting the related quest, so dont craft 'em all beforehand or you're gonna be kickin' yourself.Hope that helps!-Quill

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