View Full Version : Celestrata: The status of all special compensation packs

09-16-2015, 04:30 PM
i have 5 chars on 3 merge server in NA and EU. still just got the worldwalker pack on 1 char which even doesnt have any land and the tax certs are bound. still missing the pack on the other 4 chars, you said every char involved get this pack up to 6. the same at my daughters account, she even still miss one hero`s welcome pack. so where these packs are complete already? and another thing i am still missing at which of these packs should be the promised loyality tokens for the land we had? still didnt got them... When it comes to the worldwalker pack, it's granted to any character above level 15, or below level 15 and owned land. If you were below level 15 and didn't own land, then your characters may not have received the pack.

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