View Full Version : Celestrata: The status of all special compensation packs [Updated: 10:07 AM PDT, 9/17]

09-17-2015, 10:10 AM
I had a ticket open for the Worldwalker pack two days ago. Talked to live support this morning who opened a different ticket for me. Didnt mean to get another opened, thought he'd escalate my current ticket. Hope its not an issue...But I really do hope to get the Worldwalker title on fiain of nazar soon... Due to the number of tickets that we have recently received from ArcheAge players, we do have a wait time of around 3-5 days before we can answer a ticket. Please be patient with the team as we try to answer and resolve everyone's requests, and please do not create additional tickets/live chats. We will get you that Worldwalker title as fast as possible. Thank you!

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