View Full Version : Celestrata: Best Way to Power Level?

09-17-2015, 11:40 AM
Also on that note evenstone all quest gear once your done with it to use the archeum to help craft gear later. This. This is such an important tip. Thank you.OP, when I was leveling, crafting really helped me make it through some of the later levels. Consider making some low level armor or weapons, as it's a good source of experience and a good source of early crafting proficiency. Combine that with a Vocation tonic (as other people pointed out) and you can get some great experience for your labor spend.And make sure to open the Merit Quest that encourages you to spend labor. Completing that is another burst of experience, and the all important flask that lets you convert one Worker's Compensation into a no-cooldown version, allow you to get back more labor in a day.

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