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09-17-2015, 01:10 PM
Btw quill, any lore at all on this costumes? What do they represent in the game world? Whats that shining arm for? The trend with this game's costumes is usually to make them RELATED to game lore, but not necessarily influential to it. The Inquisitor's Robes tooltip, for example, claims that a portion of Nui's Shield split from the order after learning that it had been infiltrated by Aust Follower spies. This new (apparently rather radical) group has abandoned the "protect and serve" mentality and dedicated itself to hunting down/killing the cultists that are hiding amongst the southern kingdom's population. And from the executioner's hoods and all-black ensemble, we can assume their methods are pretty brutal. Same thing with the Wavewyrm costumes talking about a legendary pirate crew, or the Dragon Cultist Duster mentioning a secretive group of dragon-worshipers, or (my personal favorite) the infamous Spoonlord of the Marianople slums. Fun little pieces of bonus lore that make the items a bit more collectible, and open up some cool RP possibilities for the kind of players that are into that. (As for the burning hands, we've got no information. Symbolic of the Inquisitor's oath to "burn out" the traitors, perhaps? Or maybe they've resorted to some questionable magic to accomplish their goals? In all honesty, that's probably up to the wearer.) Hope that helps! -Quill

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