View Full Version : Things to buy from Mr Spoon

09-17-2015, 10:17 PM
Greetings, buy my stuff.
EPIC t6 shortspear
Max temper, pm me about prices

Divine Ayanad Summer Sword
Same thing, contact me about pricing

Divine Mooncaller
Upgraded to t5 your mats 6.5k, dirt cheap, dear god take it before I yolo it to sell the wisps, it's a great weapon but sweet Jesus I hate using katana

divine epherium desert breeches
Looking for 6k for these, negotiable.

celestial epherium desert jerkin
Looking for 3.5 for these

celestial epherium desert belt
Probably around 2.5 for this

All prices are negotiable, you're more than welcome to contact me about any of these items via pm or in game mail @Mashingspoon