View Full Version : Game Doesn't Save Settings And Crashes To Desktop When Entering World (Workaround)

08-03-2014, 09:53 PM
So my game, upon starting up, doesn't load background images. It only shows a black background, but when I put it in windowed mode the background pops up. When I press "start" to enter world, it crashes.

Now that we have the bug reported to the forums, I have a workaround if any of you are having the same, or similar issues.

When you are in the first menu, looking at your character, switch it to windowed mode and save the settings. Now click back to the server page, then exit the game and reopen it. It should be opening in window mode and it should allow you into the game. You may now switch back to full screen in-game. Enjoy the last day in ArcheAge!