View Full Version : Taking Offers on Prime EAST GWENOID farms including upgraded farmhouse, connected gazebos & 16's

09-19-2015, 03:46 AM
Going to be taking a break so with regret i'm selling this prime spot in east gwenoid.

Newly upgraded farmhouse + 2 x Gazebo farms, 2 x 16x16 scarecrow farms and 2 8x8 workbenches.
All connected taking offers on the whole lot.

There is also the possibility of replacing the upgraded farmhouse with a regular gazebo instead.

Taking serious offers - please pm IGN Windra, or leave your offer in a forum PM.

Also available are 2 gazebos in Marcarla next to the flaming logs, 1 16x16 in heedmar, 1 16x16 in solzreed and 1 16x16 in halcyona and 1 16x16 North Twocrowns by the sea.