View Full Version : Celestrata: Wow? Incredibly Shocked.

09-21-2015, 08:40 AM
To chime in here, while we issued punishments on those who abused the Anniversary Exploit, not everyone was immediately and harshly banned. As one prior person in the thread pointed out, only his Shield was taken and he was not banned. That was what we did for those who did it lightly, or may have encountered the exploit, not known what it was, and accidentally used it once or twice before they realized it. That type of stuff can happen to anyone, and we don't want to issue a permanent ban on what may have been an accident. So we take away the item that may have been gained by the use of the exploit (which is fair) and move along. However, the people who received the permanent bans were people who really, really abused this exploit. We're talking people who cheated themselves into double Hellkissed or more. If you did that, then yeah, your account is no longer welcome in ArcheAge. We don't tolerate exploiters or cheaters. We hope this thread serves as a very clear reminder to everyone of the stance we take here at Trion. We also hope it also shows you all that we're also willing to ban anyone who breaks the rules, regardless of their patron or cash shop status. OP, I'm sorry about your friends, but I hope they have learned their lesson when it comes to exploits.

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