View Full Version : Celestrata: @Celestrata - Not to be alarmist, but can someone explain what is going on with this disconnect hack?

09-21-2015, 08:50 AM
There is a disconnect issue that the team is looking into, but this seems to be a wide-spread issue on all servers, not limited to a single place. We've been getting reports of it from avid players recently, and we've been collecting logs. (I've had my small guild collect their logs together and send them over as of last night, because we were disconnecting all over the place too. I D/Ced from sailing our Eznan Cutter twice.)Most likely this is not due to malicious activity. Due to the way an MMO is structured (your game talks to a master server here at Trion, not directly to other users like a shooter), hacks a forced disconnect are nigh impossible. But, we know it is something affecting gameplay, and we are looking into it.

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