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09-21-2015, 03:10 PM
Hey Quillodon, curious about one more thing on the Inquisitor's costume :owhat does the tabard say? On the female version I translated the symbols through that phonetic Ipnyish key XL released at some point and came up with; "K" "R" "S" "Blank Space or Symbol hidden by Belt" "B/V" "A" "N" "D/TH" "E" "R" "S"and just the "B/V" "A" "N" "D/TH" "E" "R" "S" on the male version.So the word is Banders, Vanders, Vanthers, Banthers as the base and some sort of feminine prefix to it on the girly version? Which is like almost the same as the (b/v)ande(r/th)a on the picture of Melisara Livolla which has something to do with Shadowplay skillset. Can you fill in the blanks ^^?
no comment on the writing >.>?Heya! Just so you know, I’m actually a localization editor and not part of the community team. I try to answer quest/lore/character-related questions on my breaks, but I don’t always have time to get to urrbody, and when I do there’s often a bit of a delay. Not intentionally ignoring you, I promise!With that said, sweet catch on the Ipnysh! Unfortunately while XL did provide us with a nifty pronunciation guide, we’ve only got the MEANING of a few key words in our documentation (and that word is not one of them). But if you’ll accept some informed speculation, I’d say it makes PERFECT sense that an organization like the Inquisitors would look up to Melisara.Melisara’s original mission was to kill Gene, the human prince that went on to become the God of Destruction. But as she infiltrated the Shadowhawk House, she came to admire both Gene and Tahyang, and couldn’t bring herself to go through with the assassination. Instead she abandoned her mission and joined the Shadowhawks, becoming one of Gene’s most fearsome and trusted warriors.But after the garden, Gene became Kyrios. And he and his Crimson Army inflicted untold sorrow on the world. Melisara never forgave herself for not killing him when she had the chance, and dedicated her newfound powers to slaying the godprince once more.In fact, she almost succeeds. Using her crazy assassin/shadow magic, she is able to craft a bone dagger that devours the soul of the both the wielder AND the victim. She stabs Kyrios when he is at his weakest, sacrificing herself to send him into a soulless coma. If the dagger hadn’t been removed, she might’ve stopped the war right then and there.(Unfortunately the dagger WAS removed, and she popped out of her weird bone-dagger-soul-prison and was super pissed. You can learn more about that in the Harani cutscenes.)Anyway, Melisara was basically a superhuman assassin that dedicated her life to killing a god. She allowed evil to live because of (what she viewed as) her own weakness, and the world suffered for it. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Inquisitors felt like they had a lot in common with her story, and swore to continue the work she left behind.Okay lunch is way over gotta go sorry!-Quill

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