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09-21-2015, 07:20 PM
Sorry, сan I clarify something?But there http://archeage.wikia.com/wiki/Aranzeb (I know it's very strange source) and "Tale's of the Twelve" states that Kyprosa never loved Aranzeb as a lover, as man. She respected him as a magician and friend. Aranzeb was unrequited in love with Kyprosa. I'm wrong?And yet in Russian base I read that Ayanad Council was sealing Dahuta, but you say she disappeared after the flooding homeland and all believed in her dead. This is an invention of Russian localizer?Thanks! Hello Aranzebia!As far as I can tell, Kyprosa and Aranzeb were never lovers in the way that she and Gene were. But the backstory definitely has a whole section about private late-night study sessions, rumors of a relationship, and Kyprosa having to be "careful to behave as a respectful student and nothing more." So they don't outright SAY the romantic tension went both ways, but it certainly seems to suggest that Aranzeb wasn't entirely crazy for his unrequited love.Still though, I agree. Saying she "fell for him" was a bit much. At the very least: She trusts him, he loves her, and she runs to him when she and Gene fight. All in all a pretty terrible recipe for drama bombs.As for the whole "Ayanad Council sealing Dahuta" thing, I can't find that anywhere in our lore documents. Could've been released as an extra on XL's website, maybe? To my knowledge she disappears after her confrontation with Aranzeb, and isn't heard from again until she shows up to sink Eternal Isle. (And there weren't exactly a ton of survivors from that little visit, by the sound of it.) But if you have a link, I'd love to read it!I see you're a fan of the Sea Goddess! Have you done enough of the Dream Ring questline to find the book about her childhood? =)

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